Stephen Bannon was reportedly delighted by the massive protests against Trump's travel ban

By Christopher R Rice

The outrage over President Trump's immigration executive order went exactly according to chief strategist Stephen Bannon's plan. While the pushback from the courts on Trump's ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the U.S. might have been unexpected, Bloomberg reported Tuesday that the massive protests were not:
In fact, it was no accident that the order was sprung without warning on a Friday afternoon. Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon arranged the timing in the expectation that opponents, freed from work on the weekend, would stage huge protests — drawing maximum attention and galvanizing Trump supporters as the president followed through on a controversial campaign promise, says a senior administration official. [Bloomberg]
That's not the full story. That is the official unofficial statement from the White House, the truth is stranger than fiction. As Masha Gessen put it: He is attempting, as Putin does, to assert power over reality. You are a total victim of Trump's and Russia's propaganda machine.

Trump won / stole the election by appearing to be the outside candidate fighting the 'establishment' but the presidency is not what Trump is after. He's already bought that. The left and the right will be too busy fighting each other to realize what's really being done until it is too late. Divide and conquer and Americans are just dumb enough to fall for it and lose again. What a bunch of suckers / marks. Time to sheer the sheep. The rich get richer and the poor get children. God bless America!

Take a look at the actual website- and click on "Stories" and scroll down to their quotes from "unnamed 2016 Presidential campaign" and you realize that Trump is funding this whole circus.

And you promised me that "you would not get fooled again."

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