(How to) End the Drug War (for Dummies)

(How to) End the Drug War (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

Civil Disobedience (CD) confronts unjust laws and changes them.


Marches and rallies: 0

CD: ended segregation, ended the Vietnam war and evicted the British from India, ended child labor in America and won workers the 8 hour work day. 

Coming sometime soon - There is another March. This time to end prohibition. 300 cities world wide will be participating. To find one near you: go somewhere.

But wait, Marches have never ended one war, ever.

So, what if we take a page from Gandhi and King.

Because after all, what is the proper response to unjust laws? To BREAK THEM!!

It took Rosa Parks being arrested. It took going into "Whites Only" diners. It took CD. Yes- You can expect to be arrested.

But a note to the Arresting officer: you always want to know why we call you pig?

I'll tell you why. It is because you are sworn to uphold the Constitution, which is my rights, to life LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness.

You are not to follow illegal orders from Washington. Nor from the governor or your commanding officer. You are suppose to 'PROTECT & SERVE' my rights.

Which are god given and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

That is what you are suppose to uphold, anything less makes you a NAZI PIG who is just following orders.
And since my Rights trump your orders, do not expect me or anyone else to respect your orders-we will disobey you, pig.

CD is not violence! King and Gandhi beat the government without ever firing one shot.

At 4:20 on today, take to the streets. Break the law. Free the weed. Only you can end prohibition.



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