Trump hates Christ

Trump hates Christ
By Christopher R Rice

Donald Trump has been married how many times now? And yet he claims that he has never asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness. I'm not making this up, I don't have to. Some people don't like facts so they question the sources. Hum, my source is Donald Trump, and I guess anyone who contradicts himself in the span of the same sentence pry can not be taken seriously, but he is the freaking Prez of these United Idiots.

Trump hasn't said yet that you should fall to your knees and worship at his feet but you will. So I'm rebuilding the Underground railroad in plain sight. A string of safe houses that spans from sea to shinning sea. No quarter, no help from my peers, just snickers and jeers. Guess they kept Gitmo open, the most expensive prison in history, to hold Americans after all, just like I said 10 years ago.

No country in the history of man has ever built a secret torture apparatus and not used it on their own people. Remember when I said that, um, like 10 years ago? But you wanted to bury your head in the sand and believe the governments assertions that "we don't torture", "we did torture some folks", "we won't ever do it again though honest", "We'll close Gitmo", "don't worry you can trust us with all of your metadata", "anal feeding butt fucking Marines CIA head slam BDSM Vice Prez.", gawd shit piss homey.

And you trust these motherfuckers? No, of course not, that's why you voted for Trump right? He's your savior, right? Come to save the working man. What's his plan? Cut taxes on the rich, again! Cut taxes on the already Super Rich like Obama, Bush Jr. and Reagan before him. It's worked out so very well so far, huh? Let's keep the debt train a rollin'. Trump the alleged billionaire that won't show his tax returns. 

Here I come to save the day, I'm Mighty Dog. Bow down and worship me. Boot licking, ass kissing crackers line up for a free chip. After Trump is assassinated and returns to life, after the market goes from twenty five thousand to eight thousand, after three and half years of world wide peace, you will need one of these to buy, sell or trade. Welcome to the Underground.

Underground America Inc. 

Um, eight score and so many years ago Hillary was the presumptive nominee but she was beat out by some young unknown upstart who upset the cart and promised sweeping 'change'. But, Obama's idea of change was to maintain the status quo, which turned out to be too much change for a lot of people.

So, after eight long, miserable years the people fired Obama and replaced him with another 'outside', anti-establishment candidate. Promising sweeping 'changes'. But, this was really McCain's covert wars finally coming home to America and McCain made the ultimate sacrifice, told his good friend Mr. Trump to attack his patriotism, McCain threw himself on his own grenade.

If you're going to run against the 'establishment' candidate, ie Hillary, all you need to do is appear anti- establishment, right? What better way than to attack your own party and have them boycott and vote against you, right? This whole thing is just like the WWF, all for show and none of it the least bit real. They go home to their million dollar mansions, after the mud slinging is done and play golf together, send their kids to school together. Then just sign whatever the lobbyist pay them to sign forget about their duty to their countrymen and women.

The puppets in charge are just that- puppets. They are put there to give us the illusion of free will and a choice. This somehow placates people.



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