For White People Only

For White People Only
By Christopher R Rice

With inbreeding and the dumbing down of American education, I thought it was high time to cover some of the basics. According to a recent poll about 44% of white America is getting there news from Facebook. And, the news that is on Facebook has been found to be inaccurate or completely wrong 50% of the time.

So if anyone reading this blog knows or has any contact with any white folks you're going to want them to read this....

Okay, the picture above is called 'toilet-paper'. You use it to wipe your bum after you use the bathroom. It will keep your ass from itching and smelling all day. For white folks living in the North that know what 'toilet-paper' is, you are still not using it enough, there should not be any brown tracks in your fruit of the looms for your wife to clean out. Wipe your ass you stupid crackers.


The picture above is a bar of 'soap'. Soap is not just for Sundays any more. It is perfectly safe for you and your skin to bathe every day. I promise it won't hurt, you'll feel better and most importantly, you will smell better too. Soap also kills germs. And I know you can't see germs so you don't believe in them but soap will stop the spread of germs and help keep you healthy. And you remember how much you hate getting sick, don't you? You cry like a little baby.

I don't want to over fill your empty heads and have it all spill out the other side so two lessons for today should be just enough. See if you can remember and use what you learned here today, and then next week we'll try two more lessons if these take.

I really can't believe my fellow Americans are so stupid. But, it is what it is. I wanted to teach how to overthrow the United States of America but my country men are nowhere near smart enough to even realize they are being taken advantage of by Ivy League educated crooks and criminals. So I must start with the basics.

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