For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse
By Christopher R Rice

Every other world power prior to America, left the world a little better off. Prior to Americas rise to power, the world had England as its seat of power. Before England it was Rome, the Greeks, the Asarians and before that the Egyptians.

Yes, it's true, each ruled with an iron first, bled their country men dry through over taxation which led to their overthrow but they all left us with something. The Romans gave us democracy and the Greeks philosophy.

But not a one of them destroyed the planet the way America does. Destruction of the rain forest, the ozone layer, polluted lakes, rivers, oceans, the air, the environment, no world power has ever done this before.
America took democracy and turned it into a fucking game show. Took this beautiful country and turned into one big strip mall. America took Christianity and turned it into hypocrisy, homophobia, racism and hatred. Burning crosses in the name of Christ.
America has made the world worse not better. America has kept the world at war since 1944, since the end of WWII. And has destroyed the whole planet, just for greed. America was the number one polluter on the planet but America moved enough of our industries to China that now they are the number one polluter. So we moved some of our pollution to the other side of the planet. This makes America the number one and number two polluter on the planet. Destroying everything in our path.

Recognize, America is the great Satan! America is the great Harlot of Revelations that makes the whole world drunk off of her power and greed.

And Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ spewing blasphemies against the whole world and heaven too.
For man shall work six days and then rest on the seventh. But to God a day is a year and a year is a thousand years. Man has been on this planet for almost 6,000 years, this is the end. The time to rest is almost here, rejoice. For better or worse?



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