The facts are in and you're an idiot. You continue to vote in these 'law and order' assholes and you've managed to turn the greatest country on the planet into a zoo. While the politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs, Big Oil and Wall Street bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To the dumb cracker that reported me to the FBI

To the dumb cracker that reported me to the FBI
By Christopher R Rice

You must be a special kind of stupid huh? OMG Becky, then this idiot comments on my post, "it won't be long now that I've reported you, 'till you're rotting in a prison cell"

What a hoot. Last year the FBI left a comment on my blog. I reposted an article that was wrote by the FBI about police officer involved domestic violence. You can read it if you wish, it's still there.

If you think me saying "Death to America" on this forum is bad, you should read the crap I post on my Twitter account. And I have an anti LE website and I call it Cops R Corrupt .com so you don't think they have found me by now?

Good thing you made the call. You just saved thousands of lives, be proud of yourself. And now you can go watch Alex Jones and think he's the real American hero.

Tell you what if you don't like America and freedom of speech than why don't you just get out? GO we don't need you here. You are a fascist pig that only cares about one amendment the second. But you forget about the rest.

And all of your guns did not protect you or stop the greedy corporations and their paid for politicians from ripping off the whole country for 20 trillion dollars, so go suck on that.



Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney

The Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney
By Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

"Five Deferments" Dick Cheney is back, and this time he's defending torture! Jesse Ventura may be #OffTheGrid, but he isn't going to let Darth Cheney get away with it. The Governor runs down the Life and Crimes of the Ultimate Chickenhaw from his tenure at Halliburton to his time as Vice President right up to his recent justification of waterboarding. What do you think was Cheney's greatest offense? Tell Jesse at 

Ex-Interrogator: Torture Creates Terrorists

Ex-Interrogator: Torture Creates Terrorists
By Brave New Films

Former military interrogator Matthew Alexander refutes Dick Cheney's claim that torture saved American lives.

Dick Cheney says that torturing detainees has saved American lives. That claim is patently false. Cheney's torture policy was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of American servicemen and women.

Matthew Alexander was the senior military interrogator for the task force that tracked down Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and, at the time, a higher priority target than Osama bin Laden. Mr. Alexander has personally conducted hundreds of interrogations and supervised over a thousand of them.

"Torture does not save lives. Torture costs us lives," Mr. Alexander said in an exclusive interview at Brave New Studios. "And the reason why is that our enemies use it, number one, as a recruiting tool...These same foreign fighters who came to Iraq to fight because of torture and abuse....literally cost us hundreds if not thousands of American lives."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CIA head was ‘blindsided’ by waterboarding memo

CIA head was ‘blindsided’ by waterboarding memo
By Michael Isikoff

CIA director Mike Pompeo was “blindsided” by a draft executive order that could open the door for American intelligence agencies to resume waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques” at newly reopened CIA “black site” prisons overseas, according to a source familiar with conversations he has had about the document.

Trump, in an interview with ABC News anchor David Muir released Wednesday night, indicated he is in fact considering reinstating waterboarding because he believes it “absolutely” works. While saying he will rely on Pompeo and Mattis’ advice, Trump told Muir: “We’re not playing on an even field. When they’re chopping off the heads of our people, and other people — when they’re chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a Christian in the Middle East — when ISIS is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would I feel strongly about waterboarding? As far as I’m concerned, we have to fight fire with fire.”

Pompeo, who was confirmed as CIA director late Monday, was never consulted about the draft executive order and was unaware of its existence before it was publicly disclosed by the New York Times Wednesday morning, the source said. Neither was Defense Secretary James Mattis, who has openly disputed the effectiveness of such techniques.

The publication of the draft order prompted intense, and bipartisan, criticism from members of Congress who said the executive order, as drafted, would violate federal law and lead to a resumption of discredited interrogation practices that were barred by President Barack Obama during his first full day in office.

But White House press secretary Sean Spicer sought to cast doubt on whether the order represented settled administration policy. “It is not a White House document. I have no idea where it came from,” Spicer told reporters at a press briefing Wednesday. He declined to answer further questions about it, or shed any light on who might have drafted and circulated the document.

The draft order would revoke two Obama directives — one limiting interrogation practices to those codified in the Army Field Manual and banning CIA overseas prisons, and another directing that the U.S. military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, be closed. (Obama promised to close Guantanamo but was never able to achieve it.) The Army Field Manual in its current form bans torture, but the new order calls for high level policy reviews to determine if there are grounds for “modifications” and “additions” to the document to allow for “safe, lawful and effective interrogation of enemy combatants captured in the fight against radical Islamism.”

The language in the draft order could create particular problems for Pompeo, who appeared to rule out any such steps in response to direct questions by California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in his Jan. 12 confirmation hearing.

“If you were ordered by the president to restart the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques that fall outside the Army Field Manual, would you comply?” Feinstein asked him.

“Senator, absolutely not. Moreover, I can’t imagine I would be asked that” by President Trump, Pompeo replied. He noted that he had voted for a law passed by Congress — a defense authorization bill — that limited interrogations to those in the Army Field Manual, and added that he is “deeply aware that any changes to that will come through Congress and the president.”

But in written responses after that hearing, Pompeo appeared to open the door to proposing changes in the Army Field Manual if it was necessary to “protect the country” — a step that would allow the Trump administration to resume techniques that congressional leaders, notably Sen. John McCain, an outspoken critic of torture, intended to ban.

Asked in a written question whether there should be “uniform rules” for military and intelligence interrogations, Pompeo responded in writing: “If confirmed, I will consult with experts at the Agency and at other organizations in the U.S. government on whether such uniform rules are an impediment to gathering vital intelligence to protect the country.” If he determined that differences between military and CIA interrogation techniques were necessary, it would be based “on a clear, justified need,” he said, and he promised to consult with the congressional intelligence committees about any such adjustments, “including any required changes to law.”

President Trump Tells ABC News’ David Muir He 'Absolutely' Thinks Waterboarding Works

President Trump Tells ABC News’ David Muir He 'Absolutely' Thinks Waterboarding Works
By ARLETTE SAENZ, Good Morning America


In an exclusive interview with ABC News, President Donald Trump said he "absolutely" thinks waterboarding works and would consider reinstating it as an interrogation technique, depending on the advice of Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Related article: With Donald Trump in Charge, GOP Warms to Torture Again
"I will rely on Pompeo and Mattis and my group. And if they don't want to do, that's fine. If they do wanna do, then I will work toward that end. I want to do everything within the bounds of what you're allowed to do legally," Trump exclusively told "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir during an interview at the White House. "But do I feel it works? Absolutely, I feel it works."

Trump explained it's important to reconsider the use of waterboarding as an interrogation technique because, he said, "we're not playing on an even field."

Related article: Trump says intelligence officials tell him torture works

"When they're chopping off the heads of our people and other people. When they're chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a Christian in the Middle East, when ISIS is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would I feel strongly about waterboarding? As far as I'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire," he said.

"I'm going to go with what they say," Trump said of Mattis and Pompeo. "But I have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence, and I asked them the question 'Does it work? Does torture work?' And the answer was 'Yes, absolutely.'"

Related article: Trump on Torture

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump vowed to bring back the use of waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques.

"Not since medieval times have people seen what's going on. I would bring back waterboarding, and I'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding," Trump told Muir during the New Hampshire Republican primary debate, co-sponsored by ABC News, in February 2016.

Related article: Trump Said ‘Torture Works.’ An Echo Is Feared Worldwide.

But Trump's position on the use of waterboarding seems to differ from some of his Cabinet picks'. In an interview with The New York Times last year, Trump said he was "impressed" by a recommendation from Mattis, who at the time was under consideration for defense secretary.

"I said, what do you think of waterboarding? He said — I was surprised — he said, 'I've never found it to be useful.' He said, 'I've always found, give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers, and I do better with that than I do with torture.' And I was very impressed by that answer. I was surprised, because he's known as being, like, the toughest guy," Trump told the Times.

Related article: McCain on Trump torture stance: 'The law is the law'

During his confirmation hearing to become CIA director, Pompeo was asked whether he would comply if Trump issued a presidential order calling for the reinstatement of enhanced interrogation techniques that fall outside the Army Field Manual.

"Absolutely not. Moreover, I can't imagine I would be asked that by the president-elect," Pompeo said. "There is no doubt in my mind about the limitations placed not only on the DOD but on the intelligence agency, and I'll always comply with the law."

Related article: Mike Pence Refuses To Rule Out Torture In A Trump Administration

Trump's comments today come amid reports of an administration draft order indicating that he is considering a review of terrorism interrogations and the potential reopening of CIA black site prisons outside the U.S.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Wednesday that the draft order was "not a White House document" but would not provide further comment.

Related article: Trump hails torture, mass killings with ‘pigs blood’ ammo in SC

McCain to Trump: ‘We are not bringing back torture’

McCain to Trump: ‘We are not bringing back torture’
Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump promised to bring back waterboarding and techniques he described as a “hell of a lot worse.” He also declared that “torture works,” and even “if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.”
In his statement, McCain said that Pompeo had promised “during both our personal conversations and his confirmation hearing” that “he will comply with the law that applies the Army Field Manual’s interrogation requirements to all U.S. agencies, including the CIA,” while Defense
Secretary James Mattis said military interrogators would stick to the field manual.

“I am confident these leaders will be true to their word,” McCain said.

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly dismissed the three-page document, which the Times published in full, as “not a White House document.” But he did not say the Trump administration opposed its contents.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain bluntly warned the White House on Wednesday that “we are not bringing back torture” amid news reports that President Trump is preparing an executive order that might do just that.

The New York Times and the Associated Press reported earlier in the day that the Trump administration was readying a three-page order that could reopen CIA “black site” prisons overseas — secret facilities where suspected terrorists were held, tortured, and sometimes killed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Former President Barack Obama shut them down and ordered an end to torture, but resisted what he described as “sanctimonious” calls to prosecute or punish officials involved. The new order would open a review into whether the U.S. should reopen black sites.

McCain, who was tortured extensively after being shot down over what was then North Vietnam, has led the fight in Congress against abusive interrogation practices.

“The president can sign whatever executive orders he likes. But the law is the law. We are not bringing back torture in the United States of America,” he said in a statement issued by his office in response to the reports.

McCain noted that bipartisan legislation signed in 2015 limits U.S. officials to interrogation techniques listed in the Army Field Manual, which would prohibit tactics such as waterboarding, in which a prisoner is subjected to controlled drowning.

The news emerged two days after the Senate confirmed Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas as CIA director. During his confirmation hearing, Pompeo promised he would “absolutely not” obey a presidential order to resume using methods that meet international definitions of torture. But in late 2014, Pompeo had said CIA interrogators who used such tactics “are not torturers, they are patriots.” And in written responses to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pompeo left the door open to revising interrogation rules in the future.

Stay Informed:
1.) Former military interrogator Matthew Alexander refutes Dick Cheney's claim that torture saved American lives.

2.) the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency committed a series of human rights violations against detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.[1] These violations included physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy, and murder.[2][3][4][5]

3.) FBI Records
(released by the Government 5/19/2005, released by the ACLU 5/25/05 | More Torture Documents Released Under FOIA)

4.) The General’s Report How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties.By Seymour M. Hersh

5.) A Guide to the Memos on Torture

6.) Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media

7.) The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

8.) White House Asks Court to Block Torture Photos’ Release The Obama administration has formally requested the censorship of hundreds of photos of torture committed at U.S. prisons overseas.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse
By Christopher R Rice

Every other world power prior to America, left the world a little better off. Prior to Americas rise to power, the world had England as its seat of power. Before England it was Rome, the Greeks, the Asarians and before that the Egyptians.

Yes, it's true, each ruled with an iron first, bled their country men dry through over taxation which led to their overthrow but they all left us with something. The Romans gave us democracy and the Greeks philosophy.

But not a one of them destroyed the planet the way America does. Destruction of the rain forest, the ozone layer, polluted lakes, rivers, oceans, the air, the environment, no world power has ever done this before.
America took democracy and turned it into a fucking game show. Took this beautiful country and turned into one big strip mall. America took Christianity and turned it into hypocrisy, homophobia, racism and hatred. Burning crosses in the name of Christ.
America has made the world worse not better. America has kept the world at war since 1944, since the end of WWII. And has destroyed the whole planet, just for greed. America was the number one polluter on the planet but America moved enough of our industries to China that now they are the number one polluter. So we moved some of our pollution to the other side of the planet. This makes America the number one and number two polluter on the planet. Destroying everything in our path.

Recognize, America is the great Satan! America is the great Harlot of Revelations that makes the whole world drunk off of her power and greed.

And Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ spewing blasphemies against the whole world and heaven too.
For man shall work six days and then rest on the seventh. But to God a day is a year and a year is a thousand years. Man has been on this planet for almost 6,000 years, this is the end. The time to rest is almost here, rejoice. For better or worse?


Monday, January 23, 2017

Pussy Riot Blows Up the White House

Pussy Riot Blows Up the White House
By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

Madonna at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. (Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Fuck the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says Madonna “ought to be arrested” for saying she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” since Donald Trump’s election.

Well, who the hell hasn't? 1 in 100 Americans marched against Comrade Trump, don't ya' know?

“She is parallel to the young fascists who ran around town breaking windows, all of whom should be given the maximum sentence,” Gingrich said in an interview on Fox & Friends on Monday. “What you have is an emerging left-wing fascism, she’s part of it and I think we have to be prepared to protect ourselves.”

OMG Becky, someone broke a window, label her a fascist and throw her in a maximum security prison for a decade where women are routinely raped by the very guards paid to protect and serve, American freaking justice. Fuck you Newt, you claim family values while cheating on your wife, fuck you.

During the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Madonna gave a profanity-laden speech trashing Trump. The “Material Girl” then told the crowd about her explosive fantasy but added that she had thought better of it.

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” she said. “But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

The pop star, who also performed at the march, later sought to clarify her remarks.

“I do not promote violence,” Madonna wrote on Instagram. “And it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s [sic] entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.”
The Secret Service declined to comment.

Maybe Madonna doesn't promote violence but I do and so do the Marines, the Congress and even Newt fucking Grinch promotes violence, but violence only works if you use it.

On Friday, more than 200 people were arrested in Washington, D.C., for protesting during Trump’s inauguration, as some of the demonstrations turned violent.

Most of those arrested were expected to be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said Friday, and would be released on promises to return to court in February.
The U.S. attorney’s office told the Associated Press that the charges against the protesters are punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000.

Shame these courageous Americans stood up for what is right and now there's no one to stand up for them. No underground railroad for them to go into hiding. No one raising money for their defense, no one coming to their aid. The left is a damn dirty shame.

Welcome to the new Underground America Inc. motherfuckers 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chicago police officer charged with underage sex assault

Chicago police officer charged with under age sex assault
By  Chicago Tribune

A Chicago police officer accused of having sexual contact with an underage girl has been charged with felony criminal sexual assault, according to police and Cook County state's attorney officials.

Officer Eugene Ciardullo, 51, was arrested by fellow officers at his home Saturday afternoon, department spokesman Officer Jose Estrada said. Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil ordered him to go on a taxpayer funded vacation.

Prosecutors said in court that Ciardullo began communicating with the victim and her friends via social media when she was 16 years old. Prosecutors and police said the victim identified Ciardullo as the person who began having a "sexual relationship" with her when she was 17.

"The defendant and the victim discussed their age difference and defendant told the victim he could lose his job and go to jail if they were caught," assistant state's attorney Ed Murillo said. "The defendant told the victim to tell people who asked about their relationship that they were just good friends."

Ciardullo admitted to the allegations and knowledge of the victim's age, prosecutors said.

Ciardullo, who wore sweatpants and a black coat, remained silent throughout the court hearing. He is expected to return to court Tuesday.

Ciardullo, of the Scottsdale neighborhood, is assigned to the department's Deering District on the South Side, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

The felony charge against the 21-year department veteran was approved Saturday.

In addition to his employment with Chicago police, Ciardullo worked as a part-time security guard at a Chicago Public School in Mount Greenwood, a neighborhood known for its large number of police and firefighter residents. Michael Passman, a spokesman for CPS, said Ciardullo's employment with the school district ended last month.

Ciardullo's defense attorney, George Grzeca, said the officer's career achievements included four commendations and 100 honorable mentions. He is also a four-year veteran of the Marine Corps.

He also is barred from using the internet and having any contact with people younger than 18. According to court records, Ciardullo has seven children; all of them are adults, Grezca told Kuriakos Ciesil.

Grzeca said his client has turned in his service weapon.

The internal affairs division is also investigating the case, Guglielmi said, and will present its findings to the Chicago Police Board to determine what discipline should be ordered.

Ciardullo has been a Chicago police officer since August 1995, according to city records.

Throughout his career with the Police Department, Ciardullo has amassed about 40 complaints on allegations ranging from minor personnel violations to excessive force but has only been found to have committed wrongdoing on two occasions. He was given a 10-day suspension in 2001 stemming from an excessive force allegation and a two-day suspension in 2008 for a violation related to "weapon/ammunition/uniform deviation," the records show. It's unclear in the records if Ciardullo served those suspensions or fought the penalties.

Details of the actual allegations within those complaints were not available.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The White House’s LGBT rights page has disappeared

The White House’s LGBT rights page has disappeared

And so the transition of power begins. First up is the site where several pages are now changing or altogether disappearing — including a page on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

It’s just been over an hour since Trump took office and has now been replaced by a Trump “transitionsplash” page.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump hates Christ

Trump hates Christ
By Christopher R Rice

Donald Trump has been married how many times now? And yet he claims that he has never asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness. I'm not making this up, I don't have to. Some people don't like facts so they question the sources. Hum, my source is Donald Trump, and I guess anyone who contradicts himself in the span of the same sentence pry can not be taken seriously, but he is the freaking Prez of these United Idiots.

Trump hasn't said yet that you should fall to your knees and worship at his feet but you will. So I'm rebuilding the Underground railroad in plain sight. A string of safe houses that spans from sea to shinning sea. No quarter, no help from my peers, just snickers and jeers. Guess they kept Gitmo open, the most expensive prison in history, to hold Americans after all, just like I said 10 years ago.

No country in the history of man has ever built a secret torture apparatus and not used it on their own people. Remember when I said that, um, like 10 years ago? But you wanted to bury your head in the sand and believe the governments assertions that "we don't torture", "we did torture some folks", "we won't ever do it again though honest", "We'll close Gitmo", "don't worry you can trust us with all of your metadata", "anal feeding butt fucking Marines CIA head slam BDSM Vice Prez.", gawd shit piss homey.

And you trust these motherfuckers? No, of course not, that's why you voted for Trump right? He's your savior, right? Come to save the working man. What's his plan? Cut taxes on the rich, again! Cut taxes on the already Super Rich like Obama, Bush Jr. and Reagan before him. It's worked out so very well so far, huh? Let's keep the debt train a rollin'. Trump the alleged billionaire that won't show his tax returns. 

Here I come to save the day, I'm Mighty Dog. Bow down and worship me. Boot licking, ass kissing crackers line up for a free chip. After Trump is assassinated and returns to life, after the market goes from twenty five thousand to eight thousand, after three and half years of world wide peace, you will need one of these to buy, sell or trade. Welcome to the Underground.

Underground America Inc. 

Um, eight score and so many years ago Hillary was the presumptive nominee but she was beat out by some young unknown upstart who upset the cart and promised sweeping 'change'. But, Obama's idea of change was to maintain the status quo, which turned out to be too much change for a lot of people.

So, after eight long, miserable years the people fired Obama and replaced him with another 'outside', anti-establishment candidate. Promising sweeping 'changes'. But, this was really McCain's covert wars finally coming home to America and McCain made the ultimate sacrifice, told his good friend Mr. Trump to attack his patriotism, McCain threw himself on his own grenade.

If you're going to run against the 'establishment' candidate, ie Hillary, all you need to do is appear anti- establishment, right? What better way than to attack your own party and have them boycott and vote against you, right? This whole thing is just like the WWF, all for show and none of it the least bit real. They go home to their million dollar mansions, after the mud slinging is done and play golf together, send their kids to school together. Then just sign whatever the lobbyist pay them to sign forget about their duty to their countrymen and women.

The puppets in charge are just that- puppets. They are put there to give us the illusion of free will and a choice. This somehow placates people.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donald Trump paid me to protest at Donald Trumps Inauguration

Donald Trump paid me to protest at Donald Trumps Inauguration
By Christopher R Rice

I found a post to protest against Trump and get paid.

The comments were a typical. If someone is paying to protest against the right it must be coming from the left or as the poster claimed 'George Soros' but take a look at the actual website- and click on "Stories" and scroll down to their quotes from "unnamed 2016 Presidential campaign" and you realize that Trump is funding this whole circus.

Trump won / stole the election by appearing to be the outside candidate fighting the 'establishment' but the presidency is not what Trump is after. He's already bought that. The left and the right will be too busy fighting each other to realize what's really being done until it is too late. Divide and conquer and Americans are just dumb enough to fall for it and lose again. What a bunch of suckers / marks. Time to sheer the sheep. The rich get richer and the poor get children. God bless America!

Here's the original post:

Demand Protest is the largest private grassroots support organization in the United States. We pay people already politically motivated to fight for the things they believe. You were going to take action anyways, why not do so with us!

We are currently seeking operatives to help send a strong message at upcoming inauguration protests.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to attend an in-person workshop and sign our standard non-disclosure agreement.

As a Demand Protest operative you will receive a monthly retainer of $2,500 on top of our standard per-event pay of $50/hr, as long as you participate in at least 6 events a year. We are extremely flexible and can work with almost any existing work schedule. Full-time operatives receive health, vision and dental insurance for families, flexible vacations, and paid trainings. Travel expenses are always paid.

All operatives have access to our 24/7 phone helpdesk in addition to in-person support at events.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Twitter: Priest sent you a Direct Message...

Twitter: Priest sent you a Direct Message...
By Mistress Naomi, Underground Newz Inc.

Q. Why is a mistress, following Anonymous?

ISIS is a creation of Israel's MOSSAD

By John Moody, FOXNews Coping with this week’s violent attacks by ISIS sympathizers, a popular Shi’ite preacher in California who cla...