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How to Cure the Common cold

By Christopher R Rice

Under the dictatorship of the FDA I must by law tell you that I am not a medical professional and any advise given is solely the opinion of the author and should not be construed as medical advise. Any change in diet or medication should be done under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Now back to the real and what they won't tell you but should....

1.) Do not take a cough suppressant. Cough suppressants were created to treat the whooping cough which can be fatal. Thankfully no one gets the whooping cough any more but what to do with all the cough syrup? So they sold it to sick people. But in suppressing your cough you keep the Flem and germs in. Your body is trying to expel those germs and when you suppress your cough you extend the length of your cold.

2.) Do not use a fever reducer. A fever is the bodies way to kill germs. The same way I might sterilize a knife with a flame, a fever is your body fighting the cold. (If you have a fever of ov…

Donald Trump sucks

By Christopher R Rice

Fucking Trump is nothing but a lot of hot air. Just ask North Korea or Hillary or the guys standing in front of Home Depot. This is the mother fucking Underground and we don't play games we name names. Fuck the super rich who stole America, bought our political system and continue to lock up more of our own citizens than any commie country. Fuck Trump and his super rich cronies.

The last major terrorist attacks that were carried out on American soil were committed by: Devin Patrick Kelley, Stephen Paddock and James T. Hodgkinson, three white boys. The 10 worst terrorist attacks in America were carried out by white boys. If the president was serious about making America safe again his travel ban does not go far enough does it? If Trump was serious he would deport all immigrants including Euro trash. Before the Europeans arrived there were no mass shootings or killings, so you should demand that Trump deport all Europeans.

Next, Trump only wants to be friends …

Pence's Aspen-area neighbors hung 'Make America Gay Again' sign

By Daniella Diaz, CNN

Vice President Mike Pence's neighbors hung a "Make America Gay Again" banner outside his Aspen-area residence, according to a report published on Friday.

The neighbors posted the words, which were written on a rainbow flag, on a stone pillar that sits at the end of the driveways to both homes, Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Buglione told The Aspen Times.

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said that when a man who lives in one of the homes hung the banner, the Secret Service didn't stop him.

"He was real sheepish and thought he might be confronted by the Secret Service or deputies who'd tell him he couldn't do it," DiSalvo said. "When they said, 'We're not here to control your free speech rights,' they came out with chili and began feeding them."

He continued: "They've been really nice to us."

Pence arrived in Aspen on Tuesday, according to the report.

Pence is a Christian…

(How to) Beat any / every prostitution sting (for Dummies)

By Christopher R Rice

I hear that everybody hated history class, which I thought was silly since they have to give us the answers before they could ask the questions. So I'll keep this history lesson brief and interesting. Craigslist use to host "escort" ads. Some escorts were robbed, raped and murdered but it was still safer than walking the streets so girls kept posting until Congress scared Craigslist into removing their escort section.

Other escort sites like "MyRedbook" and "Humaniplex" had been online for a decade but along came "Backpage" and all of Craigslist traffic for escorts shortly flowed to Backpage (BP) who at that time was charging $3. per ad. Girls must post their ads several times a day to keep their ad at the top of the list where it will be seen, otherwise it would get buried from everyone's post. BP's greed knew no bounds and their ads soon went from $3. to $5. to $8. to $10. to $12 and up depending on your loca…

Professor who called Trump election now predicts impeachment


Jailed Russian says he hacked DNC on Kremlin's orders and can prove it

By Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy

A jailed Russian who says he hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers on the Kremlin's orders to steal emails released during the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign now claims he left behind a data signature to prove his assertion.

In an interview with Russia's RAIN television channel made public Wednesday, Konstantin Kozlovsky provided further details about what he said was a hacking operation led by the Russian intelligence agency known by its initials FSB. Among them, Kozlovsky said he worked with the FSB to develop computer viruses that were first tested on large, unsuspecting Russian companies, such as the oil giant Rosneft, later turning them loose on multinational corporations.

Kozlovsky first came to public attention in early December when word spread about his confession last Aug. 15 in a Russian courtroom that he was the person who hacked into DNC computers on behalf of Russian intelligence. The Russian was…

Happy New Year from Chris 2018

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

Happy new year from Chris. I didn't mention this at your Christmas party because it was a celebration and I was there to celebrate. But I think that you need to know this.

Diane's psych doctor said something interesting I thought I should share. Diane's psych asked where is a twelve or fourteen year old, who's been abused, suppose to get psychological care and medication to treat their abuse or rather the depression and damage that comes from being abused?

A twelve year old does not have access to psychologist or psych medication. So they self medicate on street drugs.

Kids may think they are just getting high but in reality they wouldn't even do drugs if they hadn't been abused. When children receive the love and compassion that a child requires they do not turn to street drugs. Kids have no choice. Kids can not see a psych doctor to treat their abuse but kids have a lot of access to street drugs to deal with their abus…

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's 'middle-class miracle' favors wealthy


WASHINGTON — You wouldn't know it from President Donald Trump's rhetoric, but the tax overhaul coming into effect is heavily tilted to the rich. It also leaves "Obamacare" in place, despite his assertion that the tax plan repeals the health care law. Nothing about the plan provides the fuel to achieve economic growth at the levels he's predicted.

Trump's penchant for exaggeration and sometimes pure fiction has clouded the realities of the overhaul as it has shaped up over months. As for Democrats, you wouldn't know to hear them talk that middle-class people are getting a tax cut out of the deal, too.

A look at remarks made Wednesday and earlier about the tax plan Trump will shortly sign into law.

TRUMP: "It's the largest tax cut in the history of our country." — remarks Wednesday.

THE FACTS: It isn't. For months Trump has refused to recognize larger tax cuts in history, of which there have been many, or to grant that othe…

Conspiracy Bullshit Artist Alex Jones and your pet Cheeto

By Christopher R Rice

WARNING from the Underground, lie to me and get knocked out the box. Alex is a fat bitch with no sense. So keep your fat stupid ass in Texas 'cause you come around here and I will knock you the fuck out.

This ain't no libtard bullshit, I got an M16 that says the Underground is the best. Some call me the Underground, some call me Cops R Corrupt but when they start talking bullshit I just knock 'em out the box.

Something I learned a long time ago, whenever someone says something that's whacky whack, smack 'em in their mouth and take out a tooth so that they regret it. Otherwise you get stuck with an attention whore. That's not cheap talk that's just fact.

You never seen nothin' like me before, that's for sure. So let me explain to you what a reporter is suppose to do, listen up, I don't say this everyday. There's a thing called "sources" some are reliable and verifiable others are just worthless. And some repor…

Who did Donald Trump Spend Christmas Eve With ?

By Ben Marquis

Much has been made of the sometimes rather unsavory and somewhat shady business dealings and political donations that billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump has made throughout his career.

It has now been revealed that one of Trump’s business partners on occasion was none other than billionaire leftist and infamous America-hater George Soros, according to the Conservative Review.

To be sure, Trump likely has a plausible explanation for his dealings with Soros, as he has stated on numerous occasions that, as a businessman, he has been forced to routinely deal with individuals with whom he disagrees on certain points.

However, a New York Post piece in 2009 noted that Trump spent Christmas Eve that year at a private party with Soros and liberal Hollywood director Oliver Stone, among others. While business dealings were likely discussed at the event to some extent, they probably weren’t the main topic or reason for the gathering.

Perhaps wo…