WWA (Writers with Attitude)

WWA (Writers with Attitude)
By Christopher R Rice

Americans are so easily confused, whatever shall a starving unheard of writer do? I wanted to clear up some confusion for those of you that have never heard of this writer before. I've been writing for the Underground press for over 35 years or since 1980. Where to begin? Reagan sold weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages, lied about global warming, created todays homeless problem, dropped tariffs and import fees shipping millions of jobs overseas. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. S&Ls, drug war, death squads, opened the door for lobbyist and so much more. Clinton, locked up more American citizens than any president before him. Got into office by helping Reagan's Contras cocaine shipments. Sold military secrets to China. GWBush and company, war criminals. Banks went bust looked like your daddies S&L scandal all over again, just a coincidence, I suppose. Tortured and invaded innocent Iraqi's to create more terrorist to feed the insatiable military industrial complex. Halliburton war profiteers. Bail out crooks and criminals while the poor are shot like dogs in the street. Bulls on parade. Obama's another oil man. Promises change than re hires everyone from the previous administration. What kind of change was that? Even using your new math that shit don't add up. Poor kids with no opportunities. A woman raped every 2 minutes, only in America. I have no respect for Hillary, Trump or a society that accepts 2.5 million homeless children. Why would I?

Am I making any sense to you left wing apologist and right wing nut jobs?

Obama IS a war criminal. Hillary is a war criminal. And Trump is NOT my savior, Trump is a charlatan. Sleep now in the fire.

Writers with attitudes. I didn't become a writer to hear myself piss and moan. I became a writer to raise an army. Turns out Americans are all boot lickers and ass kissers, no one has any balls, no one to stand up with me against the psychopaths ruining our country. So I stand alone.

No prob. You think a billionaire appointing other billionaires will fix a system that made them billionaires? You're a special kind of stupid. But just because everyone else is willing to take advantage of your gullibility does not make it right. I've been writing this same crap for 35 years so I guess you're just as guilty as they are. I've wrote about how your iPhone / iPad was made by slave labor but you don't care, hell, you've camped outside just to wait in line for the new model.

Makes you an accomplice in slavery if you're willing to buy slave made goods, don't you think? Slave trader. That's right American consumers are slave owners. How many slaves does it take to maintain your lifestyle? Funny how American corporations only move to countries with horrible human / workers rights abuses. Funny, huh. American corporations laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts. That's right, under Ronald Reagan's 'free trade' agreements multinational, highly profitable US corporations do not pay taxes in their host country or in America either. Hell even worse, most profitable US corporations received rebate checks from the US government ie. US taxpayers. Fuck America, do we understand each other? Your lies and bullshit do not work here anymore. I'm not buying it. You are a liar. Everything that American schools, institutions, doctors, priest, police have ever told me was a God damn lie. I call bullshit.

Writers with attitudes. calm like a bomb.

I wake up, screaming at the top of my lungs, I put my fist in the air but it seems to go nowhere. My teachers are all dead or locked away by the State. What's a poor student to do? It's all so confusing, left on my own, no direction, no country, no home. All alone. Fighting for justice, fighting for freedom, but for who? Sheep are for sheering, ignorance is bliss. The wolves are at your door and there's no one to save you from yourselves. You've settled for nothing now, you won't take action, not now, not later. Nothing left now, hear your screams and cries, bend over kiss your ass goodbye.

Goodbye cruel world. You're just another brick in the wall.



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