What's Real?

What's Real?
By Christopher R Rice

Hillary Clinton has a 72 percent chance of winning in November and Trump according to all polls / newscasters has a 27 percent chance of winning in November.

Marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug according to American media, politicians, police / LE, school teachers, doctors and church leaders. Marijuana is non toxic, has no known side effects, has many medical uses but is illegal and is scheduled as a dangerous narcotic. Dangerous drugs that actually kill thousands of Americans are legal and rake in billions of dollars off of sick people while a safer, more effective alternative grows free in all 50 states.

When the government murders unarmed compliant citizens it is called self defense. If a citizen tries to defend themselves against unfair overreaching government intrusions it's called resisting. When a citizen commits a crime it's incarceration but when a police officer commits the same crime that officer gets a paid vacation.

Al Qaeda's responsible for all of the heroin traffic coming out of Afghanistan. Yet in 2001 before we invaded, opium production was nil. Since we invaded, opium production is at its highest levels ever according to the latest figures (PDF) from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). Al Qaeda and the Mexican drug cartels are able to out smart, out maneuver and beat the best military and most well equipped LE in the world, every day. Cuba is responsible for all of the drugs coming into the US. According to US intelligent agencies Castro has billions hidden in offshore bank accounts from decades of drug smuggling. Tons of heroin, cocaine and all other street drugs just show up in America magically and mysteriously and even the drug war has not been able to slow down this flow of drugs. Drugs show up in schools, maximum security prisons and there's not a damn thing that can be done about it. We are stuck with a raging drug epidemic and the drug war is the best and most effective solution that our Ivy league educated politicians can come up with.

America is number one when compared to any third world hell hole. When compared to other industrialized nations though America's education system ranks 29th. The only thing that America is actually number one in, is incarceration.

I've learned a lot of things in America but was any of it real? Or was everything that I've been taught mere propaganda? Want to help me find out? Let's take an adventure down the rabbit hole and see how far it really goes.

There's a right to free speech and there's four dead college students in Ohio. We have a right to peacefully assemble to redress our grievances but there's a cop with a can of mace, he's spaying on peaceful students faces. There's a curfew and a line of police officers dressed in riot gear with military grade equipment at the ready. There's a piece of paper that promises the government won't infringe upon my rights but that's exactly what the cities, counties and states have done.

Who can I believe? Who can I possibly trust? Everyone I know lies. Everything I've been taught has been a lie.

As a child I was told to hide under my wooden school desk because it would protect me from a nuclear attack, if one was launched by the Russians. That little piece of wood wouldn't protect anyone from anything. On top of that, Russia was still using horse and buggies back then. And America is surrounded by two large bodies of water, the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans that protect us better than any wooden school desk, ever could. Wasn't this psychological torture? To keep feeding the insatiable military budget.

Growing up we hear about horrible things that America was responsible for from slavery to lynching to the slaughter of the indigenous population to stealing their land, resources and breaking every treaty, we ever signed. But it's presented in a way that conveys that America has corrected all of its mistakes / sins. Even recent mistakes like torture or spying on US citizens or spying on the US Senate or arming Syrian rebels / Al Qaeda are presented as being fixed and corrected. But the truth is very different, isn't it?

Can you handle the truth? Regardless where it takes us? Can you keep an open mind? The constant barrage of indoctrination we receive from birth keeps most of us from ever accepting the truth. Even when we know better, it's what is called "nationalism".

In the 1950s and 60s Americans were promised flying cars and cities free of pollution. We were told that technology would make it so we could work less and have more leisure time. The reality is that throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s only one parent needed to work in the family. And they had more disposable income than we do today. Todays families need both parents working to be buried in a mountain of debt.

It's not a mystery either. We call it the 'war on the middle class' because every year in America the rich get a little richer and the poor get poorer. Not due to some fault of our own but because Republicans and Democrats have passed legislation that has deregulated, shifted the tax burden, and cut taxes on the already Super Rich so they could get even richer. But when your politicians are up for sale, you get what they pay for. Dark money, lobbyist, speaking fees, Super PACs, if you don't know our government has been bought off you are naïve. But American voters continue electing these crooks (Democrats) and criminals (Republicans). Expecting a different result.

But it's not just our politicians or political process or anything at all. It is everything and everywhere. Nothing is real or what we were told. The list is endless. There is not one institution in America that you can trust. Bush told us that America does not torture. Bush's VP, photographic evidence, US Generals, human rights groups, victims, the US Senate, the CIA, the Red Cross as well as military interrogators say we did torture. Obama said we tortured some folks but we won't do it again, ever. Trump says we will.

America prosecuted the Japanese after WWII for waterboarding. And US service members during Nam were prosecuted, for waterboarding. So doesn't it seem odd that now they can change the definition of torture and not be prosecuted? Or that Obama has helped cover up the crime by asking the courts to not release over 2,000 torture pictures? And I'm not talking about waterboarding, this is real CIA torture.

American justice is racist. Non whites receive longer sentences for the same crimes. Non whites are given higher bail for the same crimes. Non whites are stopped and pulled over more. Non whites are stopped for smaller infractions or for no reason at all- 30 percent more. Racist have explained this away by claiming that non whites commit more crimes than whites do. But not according to the FBIs crime statistics. For some reason facts matter very little in America and perception is seen as reality.

As I said this list is endless and current. So either you can see or you are totally blind.

For over 35 years I've exposed their crimes and their lies. To pay me back the American people have questioned my sources, put me down, attacked me for using a free blog. Attacked me for the font I use, the ads on my site or the way I spell newz with a 'z' instead of an 's'. I've worked, researched, wrote, paid for flyers, paid for websites and posters at my own expense. And after 35 years of doing this on my own dime I finally added a Paypal donation button only to be attacked for asking for donations for my work. Which I find funny since Americans complain about how inaccurate American media is but they won't support independent alternative news. So I guess you get what you pay for after all, huh?

I wrote CopsRCorrupt.com so that you can survive now that the law is lawless. According to the Innocence Project that has freed hundreds of US inmates using DNA evidence to prove their innocence, points to studies that say there are 46,000 to 100,000 American citizens in prisons for crimes they did not commit. 2.5 million children are homeless in America. And 44 percent of homeless in America have jobs but can not afford housing.

May be they've bought you off with some shiny trinkets, I don't know. May be you have a nice home and live in a nice neighborhood. Or may be you worry about sending your kids to school or to the park because it's too dangerous. Either way it is hard to imagine that if we eliminated all this corruption that we wouldn't all be doing better. Don't get me wrong there's always been corruption just never on this level before. 20 trillion dollars transferred from the richest and most powerful country on the planet is a level of graft and corruption that has never been seen before in the history of mankind.

At one time I had faith in you, that you would rise up with me and we could make some real progress. But after Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and so many more it has become painfully obvious that Americans won't stand up and protect their leaders. So I must learn from the past and not repeat it.

But now there is no one and nothing. What is real is only an illusion. My teachers are either dead, murdered by the state or in hiding. I am completely alone without country, without friends. I don't waste time, I live looking over my shoulder. Waiting for this war to end. I never wanted to be a souljah / soldier / activist. I never asked to be lied to, robbed, cheated, bamboozled, conned, abused or declared war upon. I just wanted to live my life.


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