The facts are in and you're an idiot. You continue to vote in these 'law and order' assholes and you've managed to turn the greatest country on the planet into a zoo. While the politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs, Big Oil and Wall Street bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Under Destruction

Under Destruction
By Christopher R Rice

Not conceding. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day. I don't know if they pay the government trolls per comment or how it works, but let's get this straight- Neither Hillary nor Trump was acceptable in the first fucked up place. So no, just because half of you bozos are okay with a war criminal or a charlatan does not make it alright. I will not accept four more years of this obvious fucking shell game.

And Comrade, I don't know what they are paying you for your pro government comments and I don't care, this patriot is not for sale. Call me names, call me a cry baby, call me what you will, I had to deal with bullies like you on the third grade playground. And I learned real quick, there's only one language that bullies and trolls understand. Go ahead and pull your gun because I've got a bigger one. Booya bytch.

Protesting is for suckers. I don't care who you voted for it's time for war. It's time for sabotage. Fuck blocking traffic, let's rip up some train tracks and when that train falls off, spills it's load, be there like a cheap hooker and scoop it all up. That's what I'm talking about, strategize.

So no the Underground is not planning on conceding. Guess again, Jack! You can get that punk Sanders to concede. Because that wasn't a real revolution. Neither was the Ron Paul revolution. Revolutionaries don't concede, revolutions bloody. Oh yes they are. Don't believe anyone that tells you any differently. Have you ever known a revolution that wasn't?

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