Trump says Michelle Obama is in the country illegally

Trump says Michelle Obama is in the country illegally

By MJ Lee CNN Politics and Finance Reporter

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Donald Trump is standing his ground.

The billionaire businessman was unapologetic -- and as defiant as ever -- about a number of controversies in a wide-ranging interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper that airs on Sunday.

Underground Newz Inc. has a sneak peek...

The brash real estate mogul and former host of the reality TV show, "The Apprentice," has come under attack for referring to medical marijuana patients as a "bunch of dirty hippies", for referring to "POWs as losers", "gold star families as cry babies", for referring to President Obamas wife as an "illegal alien" and some immigrants coming into the United States as "rapists." Trump also addressed head-on a Washington Post report that said there were illegal immigrants working at one of Trump's hotel construction sites in Washington as well as Trump headquarters. And he said he still isn't totally convinced President Barack Obama was born and not hatched.

"If he loves his wife Michelle and she's from Mexico, I think it probably has an influence on him, yes. I can understand that." Trump said.

"Do I regret it? No, I don't regret it," Trump said. "I've never even asked Christ for forgiveness, why would I start now?"

"An undocumented alien being immigrant has been sitting in the White House, masquerading as the president and isn't even an American," Trump said.

"Mexico pushes people across the border that are criminals, that are drug dealers."

As he has in the past, Trump pledged that as president, he would build an "impenetrable-magical" wall eighty miles high and ten million miles long, along the country's southern border to keep out unwanted individuals, like Mexicans.

Although Trump won the race for president, he has said he would accept the Democrats nomination as well.

"As a businessman in New York City, I have to get along with Democrats," he said. "If I don't get along with Democrats, I'm sort of like, out of business.". "They're thugs, you must pay to play."

"I don't have any friends. Please love me," he said. "Everybody hates me." Then he tried to grope me.

So I gave him a black eye.

President Trump's strategy for fighting ISIS?

The best strategy for knocking out ISIS is to take away their wealth, Trump said, by destroying oil fields in Iraq and Syria that are controlled by ISIS.

"I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields," Trump said. "Watch gas prices go to ten, maybe fifteen dollars a gallon over night. I own stocks in oil companies, ya' know." Trump said.

He added that once the oil fields are destroyed, he would deploy big oil companies like Exxon to rebuilt them.

"They would rebuild them so fast your head will spin. Hell once you break it, you own it, right?" he said.

No one has suggested that his money problems in Mexico prompted the remarks. But the legal flap has led Trump to swear off doing business with the entire country, slam its court system as corrupt and suggest building an impenetrable wall to keep Mexicans from ripping off the U.S.

“The defendants have been successful in using a corrupt legal and governmental system to delay and stall the fulfillment of their obligation to the Miss Universe organization,” Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, said in an e-mail. “It is a shame that these few individuals can have such a negative effect on a country and a country’s reputation.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that doing business in Mexico has some hazards. The Latin American country ranks fourth-to-last among Group of 20 nations on Transparency International’s corruption index.

Trump experienced the brunt of it, according to his lawyers. They say that businessman Pedro Rodriguez, owner of Grupo Promotor MU Mexico SA, signed a $6.5 million agreement to host the Miss Universe pageant in 2006. Trump owns Miss Universe jointly with Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, which disavowed his remarks about immigration.

Bogus Collateral

Rodriguez paid $1 million upfront. As collateral for the remainder, he agreed to set up a trust containing 26 properties belonging to a second businessman, Rodolfo Rosas, according to Omar Guerrero, a Mexico-City-based partner with Hogan Lovells who’s representing Trump. Once the show was over, they refused to pay the balance, and it was impossible to claim the collateral.

It turns out that the assets were never actually contributed to the trust, according to Trump’s lawyers.

Calls and e-mails to Rodriguez, Rosas and their attorneys went unanswered. In a blog post with no date, a writer identifying himself as Rosas said he never signed the agreement with Trump and offered up the collateral only as a favor to Rodriguez.

“Donald Trump lies, and with his lies he creates a farce akin to his reality show,” Rosas wrote on

Arbitration Ruling

Eventually the Miss Universe organization took the case to an arbitration tribunal in Mexico and won. But attempts to enforce the decision stalled in the Mexican court system after multiple appeals and injunctions by the defendants, according to the lawyers.

Including interest and legal fees, the amount owed has swelled to $12 million, the Trump team says.

With that as the backdrop, Trump sounded off to his 3 million Twitter followers: “I have a lawsuit in Mexico’s corrupt court system that I won but so far can’t collect. Don’t do business with Mexico!”

A week later, he vowed that Mexico will never again host the Miss Universe pageant. And has threatened to deport Michelle Obama as she is undesirable. And not pageant worthy.


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