The unbearableness of being born in America

The unbearableness of being born in America
By Christopher R Rice

In America we call the boob tube an "electronic baby sitter". In America, when parents leave their own kids to fend for themselves, we call them "latch key kids". I was a 'latch key kid'. We sit there in the empty house staring at the boob tube, this is where we learn. Growing up we watch family after family on the screen. But when our own families aren't like the Brady Bunch we end up on a couch telling a shrink about our drunk abusive parents.  
Brainwashed and indoctrinated from watching an endless steam of cop loving shows from Adam-12, Andy Taylor, Miami Vice to CSI and Law and Order we are left in shock and disbelief when we call 911 and instead of Barney Fife we are met by Rambo with a side of PTSD. Or when we turn on the evening news and see another police beating, out-of-control police brutality in broad day light.
Completely unaware that the only news we can get in America all comes from rich American corporations that force feed us a pro America world view. We are left totally baffled by American hatred. American corporations call it "bringing democracy and freedom to Iraq", but do you really think there are any Iraq's that are buying that bullshit?
In America they say that we fought and died for our right to 'self determination', but when the Vietnamese or the Hondurans or Cubans wanted to exercise their own 'right to self determination' America sent the Marines. Again, we were forced fed all this flowery bullshit about our own country by American corporations. A corporate media masquerading as a liberal press feeding us lies about a fascist American government masquerading as a progressive nation.
Americans occasionally have been blessed by an underground press where they could learn some truth. But the people did not support these and they were soon attacked by the FBIs COINTELPRO program leaving Americans to get their alternative news from right wing conspiracy nuts. Now, Americans are deaf, dumb and blind. Completely unaware where they've been, they also have no idea where they're going.
The natural conclusion is the emerging police state, open fascism followed by peace, followed by war. Lots of war. Open fascism has a very short shelf life and while the Super Rich won't believe this and will profit regardless, this is our only opportunity. As their world crumbles before their eyes and they stare in disbelief we must strike. And strike hard. And strike repeatedly. Like a sci-fi thriller where you know the monster will come back, we need to take off its head. Death to America!
All aboard, and welcome to the Underground.

In America a woman is raped every 2 minutes. Every 6 minutes that victim is a child. Who do you suppose is doing all that raping? The guy that you work with? The guy next door? Your own sons? Priest rape children, teachers rape children and parents rape their own children. But in America no one cares. Happens every day. The US military rapes each other, detainees are raped, American citizens in American jails are raped by American guards and what's being done about it? Military suicides are skyrocketing, the victims kill themselves and the problem is absolved.

When I was a child there were no homeless in America, none. Small businesses gave alcoholic's jobs and living quarters. Wal-Mart changed all of that, got rid of the American dream of owning your own business. And in 1980 Ronald Reagan with the help of the ACLU threw all of the crazy people out of the institutions that allegedly cared for them. Creating millions of homeless from coast to coast almost over night. Police officers were never trained to deal with crazy people who were trying to self medicate with street drugs and alcohol and soon county jails across America were over flowing.

Returning vets from Nam with PTSD went untreated and became homeless while addicted to drugs and or alcohol. Reagan laughed, first claimed there were no homeless. Then Reagan said that homeless people wanted to be homeless.

Hungry and homeless the mentally ill learned how to recycle our trash and survive. So good Christian Americans put locks on their trash cans. In essence telling crazy people to go and starve to death you crazy loons, we won't even let you have our trash.

Americans are still so brainwashed that they actually believe that America is number one. Never realizing that America only looks good when compared to some third world hell hole. When you compare America to any other industrialized nation though you soon learn that America's education system ranks 29th. And the only thing that America is really number one in is incarceration. Americans are only 5% of the world's population and yet we consume 25% of the worlds resources and lock up 25% of the worlds prison population. In reality, America is not number one, it's barely number twenty nine.

As a quick example, Americans want to talk a lot about 'radical Islam' but don't have a word to say about radical Christianity. You'd think before someone started talking shit they'd want to fix their own problems first. Get their own house in order. But when a bomb is thrown into a church or some white guy sits in a church praying with the congregation for an hour then shoots everybody, Americans have nothing to say do they? Have you ever heard Trump use the words 'radicalized Christians'? to describe these terrorist? Either have I. It's a fact, Americans have a lot of shit to talk about everyone else but say anything bad about America and it's the same lame "if you don't like it here, you can get the hell out".

Or, I can rape the rapist. I can hate the haters. And while the truth is still putting on his boots a lie will have travelled around the world 5 times.

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