The Greatest Scam Ever

The Greatest Scam Ever
By Christopher R Rice

The best scams are perfectly legal and leave your victim(s) unaware and coming back for more. You can have a good scam, but if the victim is aware they've been scammed and won't come back than it's not a great scam. A great scam never allows the victim(s) to even be aware that a scam is occurring or has taken place.

Creating a website use to mean a lot of writing for the webmaster but what if you could get your audience to write your articles for you and then either charge them to post or to access that content or simply place ads on your website that generate you revenue. What I'm talking about is the genius that is TER, Facebook, Craigslist, YouTube, Snapshot or Backpage.

For TER or The Erotic Review, clients post reviews of escorts. Like, did she do it without protection, did she let you shoot it all over her face, but to access those same reviews you must become a paid member. Facebook writes and produces nothing and yet Facebook's net worth as of today is $116 billion.

Now that's a hell of a scam. Whenever you can legally bilk $116 billion for doing absolutely nothing all day except selling your subscribers information to third parties, that's an excellent scam. There was a Facebook rival that paid their subscribers for content but I think that they went out of business.

Stay informed: How to Protect Yourself from Facebook

Imagine owning a website, like Craigslist, where your readers do all the writing. You, as Craigslist only need to charge for a few post in a few markets to make a whopping profit. No need to run ads or ask for donations. All the while hard working free lance writers are starving to death unable to make a buck off all of their research, hard work, time and effort.

My hats off to the greatest scam on the internet today. The people on the internet being scammed by Facebook, think that Facebook is providing a service. But the only service that Facebook provides is selling your personal information to third parties, and keeping all of the profits for themselves.

If you are looking for ways to make an extra buck, I've wrote a list of hustles here and a list of ways to make money on the net here. Some are perfectly legal, some are not so legal, you decide which is which. Writing is such a waste of my time.


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