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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kid Rock Launches Trump-Themed Apparel ‘Due to I Ain't Sold No Records in a long, long time’

Kid Rock Launches Trump-Themed Apparel ‘Due to I Ain't Sold No Records in a long, long time’
By Christopher R Rice

The no talent piece of garbage calling himself Kid (Dumbass) Rock is now selling t-shirts with Donald Trumps ugly face embossed on them. Kid told Underground Newz Inc. that he hasn't been able to sell a CD in over 10 years. Kid claims that Netflix and YouTube have made it too easy for his fans to download his CDs and this is the reason for his lack of sales. I asked Kid if he didn't think it was maybe because his music and or vocals sucked. Kid admitted that since the success of 'Devil without a Pause' he hasn't been able to sell an album to save his life.

I asked Kid what he'd been doing with himself lately and he told me that he's been working as a dish washer at a local Denny's restaurant. Kid says he's really hoping on unloading some of these t-shirts with Trump on them because he gets a cool commission check of 25 cents for every shirt he can sell. Kid told me he's also selling Trump t-shirts at the local swap meet when he's not working at Denny's.

I started to feel sorry for this one-hit wonder, washed up has been when Kid told me an idea for a new t-shirt, it would be a confederate flag covering the whole shirt with Trumps head right in the center of the X. After I vomited I told Kid that I had another idea. Donald Trump standing next to a window holding a rifle, peering out the window curtain. Kid said this sounded like a winner and said he had to go and get right on it.


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