Happy XMAS (War is Over) Pt. II Going Backwards

Happy XMAS (War is Over) Pt. II Going Backwards
By Christopher R Rice

Donald Trump wants to be Ronald Reagan. I want to dig up Ronald Reagans bones and sodomize his corpse the same way those four nuns in El Salvador were sodomized. But most of you fresh freckled freaks are pry too young to remember what I am talking about. So, sit back and kick off your shoes and I will tell you a Christmas horror story from my childhood. A real story, not like the crap you get from todays media.

In football I think they call it a 'fake-out' or 'fake-pass'. The idea is to make it look like you are going to pass the ball to another team member, so that you are left unmolested by the opposing team to either run with the ball or throw it. The 'fake-pass' is used when throwing the ball would result in getting tackled and losing the ball entirely. If the 'fake-pass' is successful it leaves you open to throw the ball to someone else who is open.

Reagan was a master manipulator when it came to fake passes. It all started back in 1979 during the presidential race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Reagan knew that he could never win the presidency if Carter got the hostages freed. But, Reagan reasoned, what if Iran didn't release the hostages, Carter would appear weak and ineffective. Guaranteeing a Reagan win in November. Carter knew this too, without the hostages he could kiss his job goodbye. So Carter got a crack A-team of Special forces together and sent them to rescue the hostages from Iran. It would've been a daring and dangerous mission accept the person Carter put in charge was Oliver North. The same Oliver North that took a big fat check from Ronald Reagan to make sure that the rescue mission to save the hostages was a complete and total failure. Meanwhile Reagan was promising in every campaign stop to "not to deal with terrorist". But through backdoor channels in Israel, Reagan promised and delivered TOMAHAWK missile systems to the Iranians in exchange to not release the hostage until he was sworn in.

Once Reagan was in office the hostages were released, mysteriously and almost magically on the same day that Reagan was being sworn in. Reagan kept right on selling arms to terrorist and even funded Al Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Reagan then used the money from the sale of all of these weapons to buy himself a ton of cocaine. Seems Reagans friends got themselves in a little hot water down in Nicaragua and Ronnie was more than happy to lend Uncle Sam's hand. Reagan really didn't want all of that cocaine but he needed it to pay for more weapons. Fighting Communism is expense business and Congress passed something called the Boland amendment saying that Reagan couldn't fund the Nicaraguan rebels because they were terrorist involved in drug dealing but Reagan didn't care, he loved terrorist. Remember the Iranian terrorist?

If any of this sounds too crazy to you to be real, how do you think I felt, I lived it. But please feel free to copy anything in this article and drop it into any SE or Snopes.com In other words, since you're not paying me anything for this info, I'm working for free, thank you Massa. It's awfully white of you not to pay me. So look it up yourselves. (WWA or Writers with Attitudes)

Oh that Ollie (Oliver North) got himself in some hot water too and had to testify before Congress, but Ronnie still loved him. Hell, everybody in the Reagan administration was under indictment for something or being investigated by someone. The whole administration was corrupt to the core.

None of this bothered American voters though as they gave Reagan a second term to continue his raping and plundering. And Reagan was more than happy to flaunt American decadence while the poor got poorer and the rich got richer.

Remember the "fake-pass"? That's really what fighting Communism is all about. Remember that the CIA admitted to overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran back in '56? If not, just look it up, even Time magazine covered it. The fake pass is claiming that the US is fighting Communism so the American people will pay for it. Pay for what? They use to call it 'gun-boat diplomacy'. Now it's called, a lot of different things. But in '56 it really had nothing to do with Communist or freedom or democracy, it was all about oil. And helping out American and British oil companies that could not work out a sweet enough deal with the democratically elected president so they called in the CIA.

American companies were also having trouble keeping El Salvadorians in line. The El Salvadorian workers wanted to form unions, they were demanding environmental protections and a living wage, imagine that.

In 1984 elections, Christian Democrat José Napoleón Duarte won the presidency (with 54% of the votes) against Army Major Roberto d’Aubuisson, of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA). The CIA financed Duarte's campaign with some two million dollars.

After Duarte's victory, human rights abuses at the hands of the army and security forces continued.

Going back in all directions.

In February 1980 Archbishop Óscar Romero published an open letter to US President Jimmy Carter in which he pleaded with him to suspend the United States' ongoing program of military aid to the Salvadoran regime. He advised Carter that "Political power is in the hands of the armed forces. They know only how to repress the people and defend the interests of the Salvadoran oligarchy." Romero warned that US support would only "sharpen the injustice and repression against the organizations of the people which repeatedly have been struggling to gain respect for their fundamental human rights." On 24 March 1980, the Archbishop was assassinated while celebrating mass, the day after he called upon Salvadoran soldiers and security force members to not follow their orders to kill Salvadoran civilians. President Jimmy Carter stated this was a "shocking and unconscionable act". At his funeral a week later, government-sponsored snipers in the National Palace and on the periphery of the Gerardo Barrios Plaza were responsible for the shooting of forty-two mourners.

On December 2, 1980, members of the Salvadoran National Guard were suspected to have raped and murdered four American nuns and a laywoman. Maryknoll missionary nuns Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, and Ursuline nun Dorothy Kazel, and laywoman Jean Donovan were on a Catholic relief mission providing food, shelter, transport, medical care, and burial to death squad victims. U.S. military aid was briefly cut off in response to the murders but would be renewed within six weeks.

During 1982 and 1983, government forces killed approximately 8,000 civilians a year. Although the figure is substantially less than the figures reported by human rights groups in 1980 and 1981, targeted executions as well as indiscriminate killings nonetheless remained an integral policy of the army and internal security forces, part of what Professor William Stanley of the University of New Mexico has described as a “strategy of mass murder” designed to terrorize the civilian population as well as opponents of the government.

So yes, boyz and gurls 'the good ol' days' were actually hell on earth. We were protesting so much and about so many things that we hardly had any time to make love. I swear, you couldn't open up a newspaper without getting pissed off. But wait, this article was suppose to cover how Congress got flipped. Damn, okay, The Christmas Horror Story continues... coming soon, Part III Going Backwards: How Reagan flipped Congress.

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