Detroit Machines Registered More Votes Than Voters: Report

Detroit Machines Registered More Votes Than Voters: Report
By Mary Pascaline

Voting machines in over one-third of Detroit precincts registered more ballots cast in the Nov. 8 presidential election than the number of voters tallied by poll workers, the Detroit News reported Tuesday.

Reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett revealed optical scanners registered more ballots cast than the number of voters recorded in poll books in 37 percent of Detroit precincts. These discrepancies have sparked plans for an audit by Michigan State Secretary Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas told the newspaper Monday.

President-elect Donald Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes but his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton picked up more votes in Detroit and Wayne County. Former Green Party nominee Jill Stein had led the vote recount effort in Michigan but Detroit’s precincts were among those not recounted due to the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision Friday to end the recount process.


EDITORS NOTE: Wow Becky, Underground Newz Inc. reported the same thing back in October but everyone said I was just "making shit up". Impeccable sources and facts seem to matter very little to the average American voter.

Try to help these dumb redneck hillbillies and what do you get for it? Not a damn thing. White people all want something for nothing. White folks are notorious for not paying for an honest days work. Hey, white boy reading this, how much did you pay me for my research, my time, my effort? Oh yeah nothing. But you expect me to be more accurate than a multi million dollar news agency like CNN or Fox right?

Funny thing is, I am. And you still won't pay me. How do I know? Because I use to have a donation button on my blog. And when I do research to write an article, I see the big donation screen rolling down, over top of what I'm looking for. Hell, even WikiLeaks was forced to beg for donations during the elections. Why? Because Americans think that people like me or Julian or Manning or Snowden should just stick our own necks out for the fun of it. Because, Americans won't stand up and protect their leaders, so now they don't have any. Dumb fucks.

Keep on voting and expecting a different result. Well you stupid crackers didn't believe me back in Oct. when I wrote my own article so here's a copy and paste job. Believe whatever you want to believe. BUT stay off my blog and get your news from Alex Jones or FOX or wherever. Kick rocks.

I don't want you and I don't need you. This blog is for REAL MUTHER FUCKIN' G's only. Everyone else, bite me.

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