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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Correctional officer charged with trafficking

Correctional officer charged with trafficking

WESTVILLE — A prison guard was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of trying to smuggle contraband into the Westville Correctional Facility.
Michael Campbell, 21, of Michigan City, was arrested at the prison on charges of trafficking a controlled substance and official misconduct, both felonies. He was taken to the LaPorte County Jail.
According to the Indiana Department of Correction, Campbell reported for work as a correctional officer Tuesday night and was questioned by correctional police officers from the Office of Investigations and Intelligence.
After questioning and a search, he was found in possession of an unnamed contraband.

He was arrested by correctional police officers on site and then transported to La Porte County Jail for booking.

The incident is still under investigation by the facility’s Office of Investigation and Intelligence to determine which offenders may have been involved in the trafficking according to the South Bend Tribune.

UPDATE: The incident remains under investigation to determine which offenders or other individuals may have been involved in trafficking, an official with the department of corrections said.

"We will do all we can to stop any and all trafficking in the facility," Westville Superintendent Mark Sevier said. "This is for the benefit of the public, the offenders in our care, and our staff."

“I commend Westville for doing everything it can to prevent contraband from coming into their facility from any and every possible source,” added acting Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Randy Koester.

The Westville Correctional Facility has a capacity of 3,400 offenders in minimum, medium and maximum security units.

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