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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year

A Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year
By Christopher R Rice

I may be HOMELESS. I may be POOR. I may be a DRUNK. I might be on DRUGS. I might be PARANOID SCHITZOPHRENIC and off my meds. Or I may work TWO JOBS and still not be able to afford housing. BUT I am NOT FIREWOOD. STOP setting homeless people on fire. WE ARE STILL PEOPLE and you are not any better than me just because you have a home or a job or no disabilities.
You can turn your noses up at us. Ignore us as we beg for something to eat. Refuse to serve us in your restaurants even when we have money. Deny us access to public bathrooms and then complain when we go in public. You can stare and make fun of us. We know that you hate us but if I see you hurt another one of the least among us, know that while you sleep, I AM AWAKE. And instead of digging through your garbage in the middle of the night, I could be doing any number of things, WHILE YOU'RE ASLEEP. I hope that we understand each other and we can have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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