Trumps Sexless Marriage

Trumps Sexless Marriage
By Christopher R Rice

Uh-oh folks, we're all in trouble, Blogger just updated my control panel and I don't know where anything is any more. But that's not what you've come here to read about though is it? We better jump right into the meat and potatoes 'cuz ya' kno' they say your attention span is shorter than this sentence.

Have your read the headlines? Poor Mr. Trump, his wife is using their 9 year old son so that she can stay in Manhattan and not have to sleep with her husband. It's rumored that Trumps testosterone levels have been soaring since winning the erection in November and he's been all over poor Melanie what's her name.

But really folks, can you imagine if your wife didn't want to move into the White House with you after you just won the most crooked election in the history of our deplorable country? I mean really, WTF Melanie.

This is basically, like Hillary telling Bill to "go have your fun, just don't get her pregnant and don't bring nothin' home." Go run amok, after all, after this election, everyone knows exactly what kind of husband you have any ways, right?

And ya' kno' from the way that I hear it, if we can be honest, Melanie, you must know your getting real old for Donald's taste. But still, how can you just cut your husband off? He was pry looking forward to a second honeymoon in the West wing. I mean really, what else does he have to do now that he's the head cracker in the country but to golf and, well you know. The thing he keeps begging you for and you keep telling him that you have a headache. Even though you don't.

But when you're trying to get out of having sex with an old dried up prune, full of hot air, nothing's off the table right, even the children. Hey hunny, Rump Jr. doesn't want to leave his friends and his school, so I think we'll stay in NY and you go to Washington by yourself. Hum, and poor Donald actually bought this bunk. C'mon, man, you just won the Stanley Cup, the World Series and the Super Bowl combined and your own son doesn't want to go do the victory dance with you. That's BS Don, she's using that boy to get out of fucking you. Plain and simple.

And if you can't run your own house, you certainly won't be able to run the country. Advice Don, get that bitch back in line or guess what? Next time you show up home unexpected, there will be a guy like me in your bedroom. And those moans you hear walking up to the door, yep, yep, that's Melanie.



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