The Super Rich are bringing back Slavery

The Super Rich are bringing back Slavery
By Christopher R Rice

The site of my eldest son's first school has a plaque that marks it as the final stop of the "Underground railroad".
HUMAN BEINGS seeking LIFE outside the horror of psychopathic will for profit were delivered after HARROWING experiences to Canada.
I am astounded and humbled by this statement of Harriet Tubman's. It is so current and so valid today.

DEBT slavery to banks has made so many people live lives of 'quiet desperation' that no one realizes their slavery and NOW when the top .01% have made their final play to institutionalize SLAVERY again- people do not care to know.

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No one knows or cares the Donald Trumps, the Clintons, the Bush's ENSLAVED our children to corporations- aka- the top .01% Who already sent kids of nations to war to die for their profit. Who already awarded themselves NOBEL PRIZES for LIES like Trickle down economics and beatified REAGAN and THATCHER for being their henchmen in the guise of SAVIOURS.
Trump cements slavery- eliminating environmental rights, labour rights (meaning HUMAN RIGHTS) and making themselves the 'court of appeals". MONARCHY with no MAGNA CARTA.
We are THROWING AWAY Harriet's life's work-

While the US keeps Bradley Manning and thousands of US citizens in solitary confinement, the equivalent of torture according to the UN and every human rights group in the world. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and thousands of unknown others remain on the lamb with a price on their heads. And from their own government. So I, Christopher R Rice wrote A new underground railroad for the coming fascism / emerging police state.
Welcome to the Underground



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