Students Across the US Walk out In Protest of Trump

Students Across the US Walk out In Protest of Trump

High school students led the charge Tuesday as protests against President-elect Donald Trump rolled into a seventh day.

Hundreds of teens, many not even old enough to vote, exited classrooms on both coasts, carting signs and chanting slogans against a man they say poses a threat to their future. The students are part of a protest movement that has seen tens of thousands taking to the streets in U.S. cities large and small after Tuesday's election. Tuesdays protests happened in Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., and Silver Spring, Md., among others.

While most protesters acknowledge they can't change the fact that Trump beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the electoral vote count, they say they want to make a statement that the Republican's barbed campaign comments against women, Muslims, immigrants and beyond aren't acceptable and Trump's policies have not earned a national mandate. Clinton still leads Trump 48% to 47% in the popular vote.

In Los Angeles, students converged Monday on Mariachi Plaza, a gathering spot for the city's iconic musicians, and marched to City Hall. The walkout was part of a planned demonstration in the Los Angeles Area School District, KTLA reported.



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