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Thursday, November 17, 2016

San Jose: New allegations surface in Donald Trump riot lawsuit

San Jose: New allegations surface in Donald Trump riot lawsuit
The Mercury News

SAN JOSE — Exactly 24 hours before bloody riots broke out in downtown San Jose following a June rally for President-elect Donald Trump, Police Chief Eddie Garcia sat down to edit a media advisory meant to warn the public about traffic delays, according to an amended lawsuit on behalf of Trump supporters injured in the rally.

Garcia, according to legal papers, took out one critical line: “We are taking a zero tolerance approach to violent protesters” and a reference to San Jose using outside law enforcement to control what they predicted could become a violent event.

That’s one of the several new allegations in an amended class action lawsuit filed Monday by Harmeet K. Dhillon on behalf of 20 Trump supporters who were injured in the rally. The suit seeks damages against the city and police chief.

“What it says to me is that the head of the police department made an affirmative choice to delete language about ‘zero tolerance for violence’ at the event — which is deeply troubling,” Dhillon said, adding that the city was aware of riots against Trump in other cities leading up to San Jose’s rally.


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