Resignation of James Clapper

Resignation of James Clapper
By Christopher R Rice

On resignation of James Clapper: No need for fear. Comrade Trump has Circus Bear who will replace this man. All will be good and you will be safe. And bear can ride little bicycle for fun.

Meanwhile, in TrumpNewz: Trump appointed Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News executive, as his chief White House strategist. Bannon is a lightning rod for controversy since he's a racist, a homophobe and a host of antidiscrimination groups have already condemned his appointment.

Jeff Sessions has been named Attorney General. Sarah Saldaña will be stepping down and retired LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman will head the Immigration Enforcement Agency (ICE). And  ex Louisiana House of Representatives 81st (1989 - 1992) David Duke has been named to fill late Supreme Court Justice's Antonin Scalia seat.

Pay no attention, the people who voted for Trump won't. Liberal apologist and right wing nut jobs that's all we've got. Watch the pretty bear and remember you really don't care.

As potential Cabinet appointments circle into Trump Tower, the president-elect announced Reince Priebus, a mainstream Republican, as his chief of staff.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden said president-elect Donald Trump selected Rep. Mike Pompeo to serve in his old position.

Hayden, a retired Air Force four-star general, has tremendous experience at the highest levels of the country’s intelligence operations. He was director of the NSA from 1999 until 2005 and director of the CIA from 2006 until 2009.

Pompeo, on the other hand has zero intelligence community experience or any other kind of experience but has represented the 4th congressional district of Kansas, and is well known for his role within the Tea Party Movement of the Republican Party. He is in third term as a congressman. And he has absolutely no experience what so ever.
On Friday morning, a transition official told Reuters that he had accepted the offer to direct the CIA.
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn reportedly accepted president-elect Donald Trump’s offer to come on board as the national security adviser in his White House. 

A transition official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Reuters that he accepted the post. 

But have no fear. Comrade Trump has come to make you great again. And is good thing, too. You don't look so good lately. Comrade Rump will make all better. You'll see. Now shut the fuck up and watch the pretty little bear ride around on the little tricycle for you. Or it's off to Gitmo with you too.  

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