Just A Few Bad Apples..

Just A Few Bad Apples..
By Christopher R Rice

How many times have we heard that "it's just a few bad apples"? Lets examine this for a second. The Underground has reported on police brutality for over 35 years. Riots in Milwaukee, Ferguson, Chicago, Los Angeles. Anti-police protest from coast to coast. A political grass roots organization called "Black Lives Matter", must not make any sense to you, huh?

Here's why, you live in an upper middle class neighborhood, drive a newer vehicle to work, work in a nice area. Your contact with the police is minimal and has consisted of you calling 911 for help to get your car out of the tree. Or maybe you got a ticket for texting while driving or some other moving / parking violation. Am I close? Am I right? Don't get defensive, it's not your fault and that is what everyone else wants too.

But usually, through no fault of your own, maybe your folks couldn't afford college or even a trade school. Or you didn't get any breaks and don't have any family connections, or maybe no family at all. Your car is not new, if you can afford one at all. Your home is in the bad side of town and your job when you can get one is always in some slum. The cop presence is thick and they will pull you over for anything at all. I'm not exaggerating. The cops are not nice or cordial. And the police have no interest in "protecting and serving" accept the landlords when you are late on your out-of-control rent in Slumsville.  

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So what may seem one way to you is a completely different experience for the rest of us. And I'm not making this a racial thing. I'm white and when I lived in Downey, CA., I use to have very long hair and I was stopped by the police for "fitting the description" everywhere I went. I've had even worse experiences elsewhere.

So when you tell us that it is "just a few bad apples" you have excused their bad behavior. Condoned it and justified it. But would there be police protest in every city in the United States if it was really just a few bad apples?

Riots don't make any sense to white America and yet it used to be the white people who rioted in America. Mostly race riots but even the police rioted at the National Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968, and cops were all white back then.

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But what would you do if you had no recourse to the law? If cops ran a muck in your neighborhood and there was no one to report it to? What if they discovered a black site at your police station as they did in Chicago, IL.

Or if cops turned your city into a war zone, with helicopter raids and no one was safe. You had to live in fear from the criminals and from the police. Year after year, for decades.

In police academies all across the US cadets are not being trained how to verbally de-escalate situations. They are only being taught how to de-escalate situations by using the greater amount of force or violence. That is why there are so many police brutality cases. Why do you suppose Underground Newz and concerned citizens everywhere have called for better training? For body-cams?

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Now let us suppose that it is "just a few bad apples" and all of the rest of the cops are good. And all of the good cops just putting up with the bad ones out of politeness.

But something just doesn't add up. The Justice Dept. just released a study that said that half of all rapes committed in US prisons are committed by the guards.
I've also published one study after another, that show within the general population domestic violence runs 8 to 10 percent but in police families it runs 40 percent. Underground Newz didn't just make this up, we merely republished the studies. One of those studies was wrote by the FBI.

Think about that number for a second. Forty percent of our police force goes home and beats up on their defenseless children and then they beat on their own spouses. These are confirmed reports. And we all know that since police protect each other that this crime is way under reported.

Forty percent. That is not "just a few bad apples". That's an epidemic. Our police officers are completely and totally out of control. That's why people are rioting. That is why people are protesting. If cops treat their own families with violence just imagine how they treat a stranger they believe to be a criminal.

It's not racial. Power corrupts and if you've never heard it before, absolutely power corrupts absolutely. What do you expect when the DAs won't press charges, and when they are forced to press charges, they hold secret grand juries and open Kangaroo courts? 

Cops get a paid vacation and a promotion every time they shoot one of us in the back. Sure a video surfaces and the city doles out millions of dollars. Reforms are promised and nothing is ever done, nothing ever changes. Even though every politicians campaign promise for the last 50 years has been "change". Their idea of change is to maintain the status-quo.

Then they start shipping military grade style equipment to your local police department. As if things weren't bad enough. No one's trying to bring peace, everyone is just preparing for war.

Police treat citizens like property. Disregard our rights and then claim that we lied. Why do you think that people are demanding body cameras on beat cops? If we were all just making shit up as you have claimed for years why would we want cameras? Think boot licker, God gave you a brain, use it!

Well? Are you still sure that it is "just a few bad apples"?

Or is that just another lie in the 'Land of Hypocrisy'?

People say that I am biased because my URL is CopsRCorrupt.com but I grew up just like the rest of you. I put on a kitchen towel and imitated Superman and pretended to save the world or the damsel in distress.

I grew up watching cop shows. Andy Taylor, Fish and Squad 51. Joe Friday, Cagney and Lacey. Who could hate these characters?

I dreamed of joining West Point and becoming the police man of the world. I wasn't born hating. But you took a bright, trusting child and filled his head full of lies. I was naïve, hell I was only eight years old. I would've believed anything.

But for the last 35 years I've had to post, republish, write one article after another. From outright torture to police brutality to murder. And our politicians are complicit. They certainly are unwilling to act but very willing to keep paying out multi-million dollar settlements. Wink and nod.

What am I suppose to believe? To conclude from all of this?

And why would anyone continue to suffer these kinds of abuses? And what is worse, you expect us to just keep smiling about it, with no Vaseline. That's what the ass kissers and boot lickers say when they tell us not to riot, not to protest.  "It's just a few bad apples". Wink and nod.

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