Jerry Falwell presents: Coke, Booze and Bitches- Inaugural Ball Jan. 20th 2017

Jerry Falwell presents: Coke, Booze and Bitches- Inaugural Ball Jan. 20th 2017
By Christopher R Rice

If you've been missing Donald's outrageous Tweets, the story line is that Trump's campaign staff wrestled his Twitter account away from him, just before the elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. His campaign team actually set up a ghost Twitter account that Donald has been using. He thinks that he is still Tweeting because on his screen, he still is. But no one else can see those Tweets. Underground Newz has hacked Donald's hard drive and below we've reprinted those Tweets.

We could not fit them all here but below are some of the more outrageous Tweets from the Donald.

Some Tweets:

Donald J Trump: "I know I won but I know it was rigged, I demand a recount Crooked Hillary!"

Donald J Trump: "Pissed off Ol' Ben, guess he thought he was getting into the State Dept. offered him Health n Human Srvc."

Donald J Trump: "I'm naming my mom Secretary of State, don't worry she's dead, I'll collect the check." "Filling these post is easier than I thought."

Donald J Trump: "After my inauguration, protesters will be considered 'domestic terrorist' n shipped to Gitmo." "No warrant, no charges, no phone calls, no lawyers, no problems."

Donald J Trump: "I've renamed Gitmo, I'm calling it 'Re-education Camps.'"

Donald J Trump: "There is one thing I need to thank Obama for it's for keeping Gitmo open, that place has lots of potential."

Donald J Trump: "WikiLeaks will never be able to hack my email, I don't have one, I use Twitter."

Donald J Trump: "I've never asked Christ for forgiveness, I figure, fuck 'em, he's dead, isn't he?"

Donald J Trump: "American soldiers aren't heroes, who are you kidding, they haven't won a war in over 50 friggin' yrs."

Donald J Trump: "Best equipped, best trained, best supplied, n can't beat the Taliban? a bunch of goat herders with no air force, navy or even a military budget?" "Very fishy, very."

Donald J Trump: "I'll say some foul, disgusting things about women, Muslims, Latinos, n anyone I can, n when they protest I'll blame George Soros."

Donald J Trump: "Why's Hillary still walking around freely?"

Donald J Trump: "Don't mention my tax returns and maybe they'll just go away, okay?"

Donald J Trump: "Obama should be made to walk the blank"

Donald J Trump: "I'm going to dismantle, defund or scrap ObamaCare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Welfare, Planned Parenthood, Environmental Protections, Climate agreements and treaties, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, woman's rights, LGBT rights, n if anyone protest I'll blame George Soros." "I'm here to destroy America again and again."

Donald J Trump: "That wall I'm building isn't to keep people out, it's to keep people in, dumb Republicans."

Donald J Trump: "First order of business, my biggest campaign contributor, Jeffrey Epstein needs a pardon." "Sending Jeff invite to Inaugural Ball."

Donald J Trump: "And when I don't deliver on any of my promises, I can always blame George W Bush, George Soros or Obama, what a scam."

Donald J Trump: "I do not have small genitalia. It fits into my hand just perfectly, any more would be a waste." "Notice Rubio waited for the black guy to leave the stage before he brought up size."

Donald J Trump: "Yep, yep, they all love me."

Jerry Falwell Jr.: "Coke, Booze and Bitches- Inaugural Ball Jan. 20th 2017 by invitation only. Apply for invitations by donating 10,000 US dollars to Jerry Falwell Jr., no later than Dec. 31st." "Hurry while supplies last - limited seating." "Inaugural Ball theme song AC/DCs 'Big Balls'"

Anarchist Tweet: "We will, we will riot, no matter which of those ass clowns you put into the White House."




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