(How to) Human Trafficking (for Dummies)

(How to) Human Trafficking (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

Have you seen the news lately? The CEO's of Backpage.com were arrested for "human trafficking". Or the other nightly headline? 12 arrested in "Human Trafficking Sting", or "Nationwide human trafficking sting nets 104 johns". On and on, right? What a hoot. Sounds like the government is out protecting and serving, right? Wrong. 

First off, America is guilty of the worse human trafficking in the history of mankind. From kidnapping and enslaving the Africans to Americas open border policies, I don't see where America really should have anything to say. But, American woman has a big trashy mouth, she likes to put her foot into on a regular basis. So let us examine this BS for what it really is, okay?

Let us be honest with ourselves for just a second. I would like to point out that it is not escorting that sucks. I know that's what they want you to believe. They need you to believe this because they have failed you. Your churches, your politicians, LE have all failed. Because even with a college degree, a single mother could not afford day care, rent or to support herself and her family on the available jobs and careers in America. So in reality it is not escorting that sucks, it is America that sucks.\

In the '50s, '60s and '70s it was only necessary for one person to work in the household. And they had more disposable income and less debt than we do today. Let's be honest, America screwed us. Today both adults need to work in the home just to be buried in debt.  

Don't want your ghetto scene. Don't need your war machine. American woman.

The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

I thought we were at risk from outside infiltrators bent on our destruction. This is where we should allocate our law-enforcement assets? Our politicians pimp for weapons manufacturers which kill millions. Likewise irresponsible drug companies. It's funny what some people find necessary to get outraged about. 

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