By Christopher R Rice

We, the US gov., also prosecuted American soldiers for waterboarding during Nam. And you can not change the definition of torture as you go along. It is illegal to threaten, intimidate or cause mental pain to any detainee, Reagan signed the law.

Torturing also did not provide any intel., the CIA has admitted to lying to the President and the Congress about the effectiveness of torture. Osama was not caught till after Bush and Co. left ofc.

Torture only created more terrorist. Interrogators said that 90% of detainees fought because of the US torture policies.

And attacking and torturing the wrong country (Iraq) cost American lives, it did not save any. You stooped fucks.

FUCK AMERICA and ALL of HER LIES. The American gov. even tortures American citizens on American soil. FUCK AMERICA. READ MORE-

Worse than that? America has over 50,000 American citizens rotting in prisons for crimes they did not commit. READ MORE-



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