Christ was not a Nazi

Christ was not a Nazi
By Christopher R Rice

Last year I started a landscaping business. I brought all of the equipment on my own. Paul even helped me to pass out the business cards, I printed. Thanks Paul. I wasn't asking for a 'hand -out', I wanted a job. I offered to mow anyone's lawn for half price. Half whatever they'd been paying for the same job and offered to spray for bugs for free. I figured if a few family members let me mow their lawns then their neighbors would see my work and ask and I could start a route. I don't really want to mow lawns at 50 years old but I wanted Ben and Chris to have their own business, their own money, their own jobs. Do you know that not one person let me cut their lawn. I passed out over 1,000 business cards and the phone never rang once. Everyone said they were happy with Juan. So I took the unused equipment back (accept the lawn mower) and got my money back. Now Juan will be deported and you'll have to mow your own lawn. But that's not why I'm writing this. I heard some family members think they're better than everyone else because they drink instead of doing drugs. And so they won't help someone that they think is on drugs. How Christian of you. Right after Christ said to walk two miles and to give a stranger your coat, I'm sure he added "But if he's on drugs, fuck him, he gets nothing."

Tell you what you can do with your Christian charity because I'm homeless 365 days out of the year and the Christians will only feed you twice a year, you can take that turkey and shove it where the sun don't shine.

And one more thing. For all of you who said you can't help these kids because of drugs, I don't care if Chris is huffing glue and snorting pixie sticks. That's the beautiful thing about freedom and liberty, as long as you don't hurt anyone else, you can do as you please. But some Christians are just like fanatical Muslims, and want to tell you they won't help you if you have long hair, listen to the wrong kind of music, smoke or whatever. Fuck them - Christ was not a Nazi. And I don't care what Chris, Ben or Tiffany want to do, know this- my love for you is unconditional.

You can be whatever you want to be - if you want to grow up and be a dinosaur like me, I'll help you, whatever you want. I wont ever judge you or put you down. Just be yourselves. Me and your mom will support you - whatever you want to do, we're here for you, 110 percent.

Then I came up with a recipe for "Better than Pumpkin Pie" not only does it taste better than pumpkin pie, but it is better for you too. Again, I wasn't looking for a 'hand -out' but a hand up. I didn't need any bodies money - I had the ingredients paid for and I printed business cards on my own. But no one would let me use their oven to bake my pies. I wanted to bake enough pies to give away free samples before the holidays. Then if I got orders, I would fill them. And if I could find a fast food chain to order them I wanted to open a bakery and get Diane and her kids off the streets but here it is one week before Thanksgiving and I cant even get a shower let alone bake 50 pies.

For some reason everyone will give a man a fish but no one is willing to teach that man how to fish.

I'm homeless. So this year I am not buying any Christmas presents for anybody, so don't buy me any anything either.

I've taken care of this family on my own and I'll continue to do so. To Lolita and Paul thank you and God Bless you for all of your help, love and kindness, it is greatly appreciated. I can never thank you two enough.

PS Chris, Ben and Tiffanies problem is not drugs. Their only problem is not being loved. Until someone gives them the love and life skills that they need they will remain unemployable. That is the direct fault of Diane and her family, not Chris's, Ben's or Tiffanies fault. And while it is none of your damn business, someone accused Diane of being on drugs. But if you were half the person you claim to be you would know that your sister (in law) has nerve damage, and has to see a pain specialist every month and is drug tested to receive her medications and has never failed.

And for the record, only one parent in that family was arrested and ordered to do anger mgmt. and parenting classes and it wasn't Diane. So if you don't want to believe me you can take it up with the damn courts. Next time you got something shitty to say to Diane or her kids, say it to me and we can go outside and handle it like men.



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