10 LIES the Government needs you to believe...to keep themselves out of prison

10 LIES the Government needs you to believe...to keep themselves out of prison
By Christopher R Rice

Sometimes waterboarding can get very bloody

1.) Torturing prisoners prevented future terror attacks.  

While the government has given many excuses for using outdated torture techniques, the truth comes from military interrogators who reported that everyone they interviewed claimed to be fighting because of the torture photos and reports. The truth is that people like Cheney and Rumsfeld had served in the Nixon administration and knew from England's treatment of IRA prisoners that brutal torture techniques created more terrorist acts, which is what the Pentagon wanted. Another three day war like 'Desert Storm' and Halliburton would lose out on $39 billion US tax dollars. No bid contracts that still continue today. Torturing prisoners and taking pictures ensured a long drawn out and very profitable war.

Splashing water in innocent Iraqis faces can get really bloody

2.) Torture helped find/capture Osama bin Laden.

This claim like every other CIA claim has been debunked repeatedly. Every intelligence agency has tried to take credit for Osama's capture, attempting to justify their over bloated budgets.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug that causes you to giggle, drink booze instead

3.) Marijuana is a dangerous drug and people who smoke it are dangerous criminals that belong behind bars.

No one believes anything the government says do they? How can you believe one word out of their mouths when they have lied repeatedly? Marijuana is not even bad for a fetus but CPS will joyfully steal your babies anyways.

4.) When the police shoot victims, your pet dog or other family members they really were protecting them.

How naïve one has to be to believe 'protect and serve'. Okay, forget about all the video evidence, testimony and dead bodies for just a second. Regardless if you are a cop lover or cop hater one thing must be perfectly clear: the police are not a deterrent to crime. With a violent crime occurring in the US every 22 seconds according to the FBI, LE, courts and prisons can not stop crime.

The police protect and serve just like rattle snakes will kiss and hug you

5.) Police brutality is justifiable. Just ask any of the Kangaroo courts that cops have been tried in.

The dead bodies keep piling up so the FBI is called in to help sweep them all under the rug. The FBI which has a long history of not being the black mans friend conveniently shows up to 'investigate' another cop shooting and put their 'Better Homes' seal on it. See, everything is on the up and up, the FBI said so.

Proof of the Saddam / Osama conspiracy. No, wait, that's Donald Rumsfeld, not Osama with Saddam!!

6.) Iraq was in cahoots with Osama bin Laden and responsible for 9/11.

Anything you heard from the CIA has already been debunked. Don't take my word for it though, check Snopes.com 'Rumor has it!'

Our children are our future. So the richest country in the world feeds their own children garbage, that you wouldn't even feed to your pet dog.

7.) Your children are too stupid to deserve a modern day education.

Americans pay twice as much per student as Germany, Japan, Canada and every other industrialized nation for less education. Instead of replacing our outdated education system, we are looking for more ways to bring in more funds.

8.) You're too stupid to understand that corporate America has bought off every politician before you even get into the voting booth.

They don't call it 'Dark-Money' for nothin'.

9.) America is #1

In education we rank 29th. Even woman's rights and press freedom, America is not number one. Not in health care, infrastructure, mortality rates, happiness or disposable income. The only thing that America is actually number one in is incarceration. America locks up more of her own citizens than any other country on the planet. So much for 'land of the free'.

10.) Voting for one crooked party or the other is your only duty as a citizen.

Um, no. Your only duty was to 'stay informed and vigilant', somehow you failed miserably. How is that? Do you blame the media in a game of 'pass-the-buck', or what? How is it that you are older than me and have more degrees than me and yet I have to teach you? Hum.  

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