Do you hate Obama, are you mad at Obama?

By Christopher R Rice

Do you hate Obama, are you mad at Obama? Do you have Obama Derangement Syndrome? Call 1-800-CRY-BITCH for free help.

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By Christopher R Rice

Everyday I can see you on my website stats looking for pages and information that I have removed. Remember you told me that you knew it all already and that you didn't need me? You said that the information that I provide is not worth a dime.

I dunno maybe it's just me but paying GoDaddy each and every month out of my own pocket so that you can locate what you're looking for and learn what you don't know doesn't make any sense. And since you won't donate to keep the information online, I was suppose to find advertisers so you could complain about all of the ads you have to sift through to find the article. Or maybe you have adblocker and I'm suppose to fund your education out of my own pocket. I just dunno anymore.

So now I'm only creating original content for bait in the hopes you click an ad and buy something. Getting you to leave my site is now the only point so I can make a sale as opposed to educating you. But since you only…

Never Forget Never Forgive

By Christopher R Rice

Let us never forget the atrocities committed by the U.S.A.

Let us never forget the rape and the torture committed against innocent women and children by the U.S.A.

Let us never forget the war crimes committed or that war crimes have no statue of limitations.

Let us never forget that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, never had WMD, never attacked the U.S.

Let us never forget that Christianity is a sham religion that does not practice what it preaches.

Let us never forget that evidence is tainted and manufactured to feed the insatiable war machine.

Let us never forget that Blackwater pimped out underage girls to U.S. service members.

Let us never forget the indiscriminate killing of civilians so bravely reported by Bradley Manning.

Let us never forget that U.S. politicians are willing to lie through their teeth on national television and before the U.N. to profit from the military industrial complex that they invest in heavily.

Let us never forget that the U.S. med…

Trump Posed in Photo With Pedophile George Nader for $189,000 RNC Donation: Report

By Shane Crouher, Newsweek

resident Donald Trump posed for a photo with convicted pedophile George Nader, a well-connected lobbyist in the Middle East, after a substantial donation to the Republican Party was agreed, according to a report. Nader, a Lebanese-American, and his associate Elliot Broidy, the RNC’s former finance chair who was convicted of bribery in 2009, were independently lobbying the Trump administration against Qatar in the hope of securing lucrative consultancy contracts from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, reported Associated Press. Broidy, well-connected in the Republican Party, had arranged two meetings with Trump to push the anti-Qatar agenda he developed with his partner Nader, who did not attend them. But Nader, an adviser to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Abu Dhabi crown prince, wanted a photo with Trump when the pair met at an RNC fundraiser in Dallas in October 2017. And that came with a price tag, AP reported; a donation to the RNC of between $100,000 an…

Two plus Two

By Christopher R Rice

Here in America you learn real quick that two plus two is always five. Don't laugh, let me explain. Remember back in 2008? Banks and auto makers said they was broke like cupboards bare, not a dime in their pockets, only lint and their sweaty palms. But Uncle Sam, slimy tricky Dick Cheney said no prob., dog, 'cuz two plus two equals five.

Iraq, 9/11, WMD anyone? Two plus two is five. 

Then Obama came along with a smile and a song, enough shovel ready BS for everybody. Extend the unemployment benefits. Stimulate the economy with QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4 'cuz ya' kno' bro, two plus two is always five. Just ask Jose. It's the American way.

Everything in America is so crooked that even Hillary is still free. Admitted war criminals brag on national television about anal rape feedings of innocent detainees who never committed a single crime. Hillary became a war criminal too as Secretary of State, when she put M16s in the hands of ten year old childr…

How Telegram Is Trying to Dodge Russia's Service Ban—And Dragging Google and Amazon Into the Drama

By Bloomberg

Russia’s attempts to ban access to the Telegram messaging service threaten to drag U.S. tech giants including Alphabet and Amazon into the war with founder Pavel Durov as he turns to proxy servers to bypass the blocking measures.

Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor has already blocked 18 Google googl and Amazon amzn sub-networks that Telegram used to avoid restrictions, the watchdog’s head Alexander Zharov told the Izvestia daily on Wednesday. More than 15 million IP addresses were blocked as a result, making some third-party internet resources unavailable in Russia, according to Qrator Labs.

Durov rejected as “unconstitutional” Russian officials’ demands to turn over encryption keys to allow the Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, to access users’ messages on Telegram to intercept communications of terrorists. Roskomnadzor started blocking access to the messenger on Monday, after a Moscow court ruled last week that Durov was in breach of Ru…

U.K. Pushes Back Against More Syria Strikes as U.S. Talks Tough

By Robert Hutton

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted that the strike against Syria’s alleged chemical arms infrastructure was a one-time move, even as the U.S. signaled it’s ready to punish the Middle Eastern country again if it keeps using banned weapons. 
Johnson told the BBC that there was “no proposal on the table” for further strikes. Hours earlier, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that her country is “locked and loaded” for another attack if necessary. 
“The overwhelming purpose, the mission was to send a message,” Johnson said. “Finally the world has said enough is enough.” He conceded that this meant “the rest of the Syrian war must proceed as it will” and that Bashar Al-Assad would be allowed to “butcher his way” to victory. 
With Prime Minister Theresa May due to face critics in Parliament on Monday, Johnson’s comments highlighted the…